At this time support is very limited. Basically, I'm just one guy with a laptop and some free time. I'll list here some issues that you might encounter and answer some questions that I've received during development of this game.

How do I control the blue saucer?



Touch the screen where you'd like to move the blue saucer.


Press the red fire button on the lower right of the screen to fire.

Game Controller


Use the game controller direction pad or the joystick to move the blue saucer.


Use the fire button which may be X, Y, A or B depending on the type of game controller you're using.



Use the direction arrow keys to move the blue saucer.


Press the X key on your keyboard to fire.

Are game controllers supported?

Yes. Most game controllers that pair using bluetooth will work fine.

Can I use a keyboard to control the saucer?

Yes. As long as the keyboard connects to the device where the game is running.

How do I shoot?

Touch-screen: Press the big red fire button to the lower right of the screen.

Are there any known bugs?

In rare situations on international flights, if you enable airplane mode the game will crash. So far I haven't been able to reproduce this on the ground.

Why is the leaderboard empty?

If your device is not connected to the Internet or if the connection to the leaderboard server is congested then you may see an empty leaderboard. This isn't a bug but it is the best way we can handle the situation.

Why didn't my high score show up on the leaderboard?

There can be several reasons.

How do I win the game?

There is no end to the game and no boss. The game simply gets harder and harder as you proceed through the higher levels. You win by beating your own high score or the high scores of others on the leaderboard.

How many levels are there?


Where is your privacy policy?

Do you sell my data?

No. See

A feature isn't working. I need help!

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