How is data used?

This app collects keeps track of scoring, length of time played, level information and hits. In addition and only in the case when you reach a high score achievement, the game will write to a local data file on the device where it is running. In certain circumstances this app will transmit data from your device to a centrally located internet presence.

This transmission is for the sole intention of maintaining a leaderboard for players interested in comparing their scores to the scores of other players. It is further clarified here and below that the personally identifiable data collected, the player's initials, are optional and there is no requirement to enter valid initials unless you want to share your high score.

What data is collected?

For the purpose of better understanding the data and circumstances when data may be transmitted, we include the following definitions.

DATA will be limited to the following:

Data dissemination or distribution

Personal Best

A local file is stored in your device that stores the best score reached on that specific device. This file is read when the game starts and is recorded when the stored value is exceeded by a new and higher score. No personal identifying data is stored in that file.


When the app starts, a request is made to an internet server requesting leaderboard data. This data represents the highest scores achieved within the community and initials associated with those scores. This data, once retrieved is also stored on your device. The purpose of storing this data is to allow the availability of the most recent leaderboard data in cases where the internet is no longer available.

It must be understood that in the case where you achieve a high score suitable for the internet leaderboard, your initals and score data will also be downloaded from the leaderboard server and stored on other devices where the game is played.